Summer after covid: holidays 2020 ideas in Puglia

Summer after covid: holidays 2020 ideas in Puglia


Uncertainty and desire to escape characterize this unusual summer 2020 which is getting closer and closer, opening the doors to a new way of traveling.

The rules for the health protection and the regulations about tourist services influence the choice of location, means of transport, the accommodation facility and everything that should make our holiday unforgettable.
However, traveling is a need: resting, trying something different, spending time in the open air and suspending monotony is a necessity, even more so after a pandemic that forced us into the house for two months and put it back in the drawer our projects.

The heel of Italy, Puglia, lends itself as an ideal destination for the new rules that every traveler must respect during these holidays in which distancing and mask are the protagonists. Its parks, nature reserves, wide beaches, cities and villages are the ideal places to spend pleasant days in total safety with family, friends or in couple, in the company of operators and locals who will help create unforgettable memories of the holiday in Puglia. You can rent bikes for the duration of your Apulian stay, or go horseback riding, meet a tour or environmental guide with whom to stroll admiring the treasures of this magnificent region while keeping the distance and avoiding crowded places. It will be possible to eat in restaurants, go shopping in all the shops and live all the best experiences, only with greater attention and with all the precautions: mask, distance and by booking your seats in the case of restaurants, overnight stays and activities. A look on the web will give you the opportunity to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs, including camping, villages, hotels and B&Bs in all the region.

Here are some places to visit in Puglia during this post covid-19 summer.

Let's start from the north: the Gargano National Park is the ideal place for families, sports and nature lovers. Why? The large beaches that characterize the coast of Vieste and Peschici are perfect for entertaining children, for long walks and running freely, respecting the safety distance and also they host schools of surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and other sports. Moving inland you can discover the Umbra Forest, a protected natural area, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017, in which there are paths for walking, trekking and private excursions. You can also visit Monte Sant’Angelo, a charming village perched on the highest point of the Gargano, in the company of an expert tour guide who will show you the suggestive rock sanctuary dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo and the most characteristic corners of its medieval historic center.

We now move to the area of?? Imperial Puglia, north of Bari. This part of Puglia little known and little frequented by tourists, preserves historical and artistic treasures, able to amaze visitors with their majestic beauty. Let's talk about the Apulian Romanesque cathedrals, Federician castles and historic centers. Do you want to know where to go and what to visit in Imperial Puglia? Well! Let's start from Trani, the "pearl of the Adriatic Sea", a welcoming and surprisingly elegant city. Here you can visit the historic center on board a bike-rickshaw in the company of a guide who will pedal from the Swabian castle to the cathedral on the sea, from the characteristic Jewish quarter to the port, explaining the history of these fascinating places. A fun, relaxing, ecological and accessible experience!

Going a few km, we find Bisceglie, a town on the sea, with a long tradition and fishing culture that continues to persist today thanks to the fishermen. Here, on board of a "gozzo", the typical fishing boat, you can get to know the most curious aspects of this tradition, in the company of local fishermen, while visiting the floating museum in the port.

For a romantic and unconventional experience, we recommend sleeping in a Gulet in the port of Bisceglie, to share with your sweetheart or with your family two wonderful days letting yourself be pampered by the sea under the starry sky.

Talking about Cathedrals, Castles and historic centers, we recommend you to visit Ruvo di Puglia, Bitonto, Barletta, Altamura and Gravina in Puglia: you will feel like taking a dip in the past among cave churches, underground paths, alleys and cathedrals of extraordinary beauty. In Altamura there is the only cathedral built by Emperor Frederick II, with one of the most beautiful portals in the region. A few steps from this monument you can taste the bread of Altamura DOP in a 1400's oven.
We leave the region to enter Basilicata for a while only to visit one of the most fascinating places in Italy: Matera, UNESCO site since 1996. The sunset is the best time to visit the Sassi, walking through the illuminated streets, among cave churches and cave houses.

In the hinterland, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, located on a hill overlooking the surrounding area, there is the famous octagonal castle: the Castel del Monte. It is one of the most mysterious places in southern Italy, famous for its unique shape, around which various legends revolve. The fortress was built by the Swabian Emperor Frederick II in the 1240. A visit with a tour guide will reveal the history of the place, its possible uses in medieval times and some anecdotes about the life of the extraordinary and far-sighted man who commissioned it.

A stop not to be missed is Bari, the capital of Puglia which preserve one of the most authentic places, called by its inhabitants "Bari vecchia" (old Bari). This is the ancient village, a place where folklore and tradition have been handed down through the alleys for centuries. Inside there is the Basilica of San Nicola, an example of Apulian Romanesque architecture that every year attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Walking through the narrow streets of old Bari means breathing the daily traditions of its inhabitants: the ladies prepare the pasta on the doorstep of their homes and love to exchange a few chats with visitors; the "greengrocers" loudly announce the harvested vegetables and offer a fruit; children play ball in the street. The guided tour at sunset will reveal the old Bari in all its charm, tasting the typical Bari street food based on focaccia, "sgagliozze" and "popizze".

Do you love Italian music and want to "voooolaaaareee nel blu dipinto di blu"? Then continue with us along the coast until you reach Polignano a mare, the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, the voice of Puglia! Lose yourself in the alleys of the historic center, admire the view from its terraces overlooking the sea, breathe in the scent of the sea and listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the rock.

A little further south is Alberobello, another unmissable stop on a trip to Puglia, especially if you travel with children. It is located in the heart of the Itria Valley, also called the Valle dei Trulli, due to the high concentration of these rural stone architectures that characterize the landscape. Walking in its historic center is like immersing yourself in a timeless fairy tale, whose magic remains etched forever. The two historic districts of the city still have ancient Trulli which are houses, shops and typical shops where you can buy souvenirs and taste the typical products of the area.

We continue a few kilometers south to reach Salento and its city: Lecce, an elegant and refined city, a real paradise for art and architecture lovers. It is considered the Baroque city of Southern Italy, since it houses numerous monuments within its historic center, which make it a true open-air museum. The facades of the buildings and churches and the balconies of the private houses are decorated with details of Baroque art which here takes on a local connotation, "Lecce Baroque". But baroque is not the only attraction in Lecce. In fact, the city preserves numerous historical testimonies, such as the Roman amphitheater, the Jewish quarter, the Castle of Charles V and many other pearls that will leave you speechless!

Among the most beautiful villages in Salento there are Otranto and Gallipoli. Otranto is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, an important recognition reserved for small towns that stand out for their authenticity and historical and artistic uniqueness. The village overlooks the crystal clear sea of ??Salento and is characterized by agglomerations of white houses that form narrow alleys decorated with flowers all year round. The Aragonese castle, built at the end of the 16th century, dominates Otranto with its imposing architecture. The Cathedral of the Annunciation houses one of the most precious and ancient mosaics, which represents the tree of life. For a pleasant swim, leave the city and reach Porto Badisco after a few km, a fascinating natural rocky cove full of vegetation, with a sea so clear that it will be difficult to resist diving!

Gallipoli is the Salento seaside destination preferred by young people, but no less important is its ancient historic center where you can see the Greek fountain, probably the oldest in Italy, built in the third century. A. C., ancient baroque churches and characteristic alleys.

To end on a high note, you can spend the last part of the day in Santa Maria di Leuca to admire the sunset. Santa Maria di Leuca is located in the southernmost point of Puglia, where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet. The jagged coast gives life to numerous natural caves to be admired during a boat ride. The square of the Sanctuary, where the lighthouse is located, overlooks the sea and it is from here that you can admire the most beautiful sunsets in the region, while the sun sinks into the abysses, the sky is colored with incredible shades that leave room for imagination and to romance.

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