Holidays in Puglia: discover the Green Road. The charm of the 100 farms territory


In the heart of the Itria valley, very close to Alberobello, an unusual and original journey starts with the discovery of the Territory of the 100 farms immersed in enchanting sceneries ready to tell a distant past rich in traditions and culture. The central core of this vast area to be explored is located in the municipality of Crispiano and all the territory is crossed by the Green Road. A  magical and mysterious unknown itinerary, which brings together a series of Masserie. Independent small villages where time seems to have stopped. A journey intended for those in search of something authentic and unusual.
Founded in the 1400s they are identified with the term Masserie, from the Latin massae, that is a set of rural buildings and land owned by the dominus that entrusted them to the farmer who took care of the agricultural and livestock work. The Territory of the 100 farms contains many typical buildings of the Apulian territory, set back from the main population centers. They consist of a central body to which a farmyard is usually attached, or a central square as a gathering place, as well as many small units and a small chapel where, after work, families gathered for moments of prayer.
Today, retracing the Green Road, means traveling through time and having the opportunity to daydream just like in a neorealist film. Far from the traffic, stress and chaos of everyday life in the Territory of the 100 farms you can choose from five itineraries: farms, brigands, ravines, saints and finally naturalistic. Rediscovering origins and ancient Apulian traditions with the complicity of those who have decided to contribute to the revaluation of these wonderful places. The territory that contains these fascinating farms is located exactly between the municipalities of Crispiano, Statte and Mottola.
Masseria Qui ut deus, Masseria Amastuola, Masseria Mita, the Masseria Vallenzo Complex, are just some of the must-see stops on this tour. Between one farm and another, you will come across wonderful countryside, chapels with ancient frescoes, archaeological sites, romantic scenery and good food. Culture, traditions and wild and uncontaminated nature merge with innovation and re-evaluation of the culinary scene.