Pink tour in Puglia: holidays for women alone or with friends

Pink tour in Puglia: holidays for women alone or with friends


Freedom, independence, desire to get involved and experiment.
Not always looking for mystical experiences like in "Eat, pray, love", the reasons that incite more and more women to travel alone or with friends are many: to amuse themselves, see new places, enjoy the complicity of the relationship special with friends or sometimes, just for the sheer pleasure of traveling.
On holiday alone or with friends, the Pink Tour in Puglia & Matera ( ) gives the opportunity to know and live the places, people and traditions in an authentic way, in complete safety.
A magical synergy between sports activities, food and wine tours, walks to discover magnificent and unspoiled places and lots of relaxation.

There are many beautiful destinations that Puglia offers to women who love to travel and live unforgettable experiences in enchanting places. And if you only have a weekend, "pink weekends" are ideal for taking time out for yourself, getting back into the game and opening up to the world.

From the bike tour in the splendid baroque pearl of the city of Lecce, ( to the timeless charm of the beautiful Matera in nearby Basilicata, passing through unforgettable cities such as the magical Otranto, ( between old alleys and colorful bougainvillea that, imprisoned in the walls, create wonderful color contrasts.

In a "pink journey" discovering Puglia there are also destinations that do not need too many presentations, such as the fairytale capital of the Alberobello trulli (, the famous Polignano a Mare, ( with its spectacular balconies overlooking the sea, the masterpiece of medieval military architecture, of mathematical and astronomical precision that is Castel del Monte ( or Trani, ( called "pearl of the Adriatic Sea" for its enchanting beauty.

For all women who love to explore spectacular places in contact with nature, Puglia offers the possibility of reaching the bauxite quarries by apecar or enjoying the sunset on the Salento coast by boat, overwhelmed by the warm Apulian atmosphere.
Lovers of good food will find in Puglia  the possibility to experience unique gastronomic excellence such as the Burrata di Andria PGI, the orecchiette or the Apulian taralli. And why not take the opportunity to participate in cooking classes ( to discover all the secrets of the true goodness of local dishes?
The Pink Tours in Puglia are not only discovery, but also relaxation and well-being, while immersed in the silence of the farms, in the shadow of the ancient olive trees, where time passes slowly and sweetly. Yoga lessons in nature and pampering in the spa will give the opportunity to recharge your energy, relieving daily stress (
Traveling lightly and living nicely the road, in perfect harmony with everything around, making precious new friendships with other women who have the same way of seeing the world, is definitely a nice gift, to live an unforgettable experience in a region with a thousand facets.