A sea to love: travel along the Apulia coasts – Part 1

We can’t talk about the Apulia beauties without mentioning its coasts and crystalline waters that caress them.

Washed by the Adriatic Sea on the eastern side and by the Ionian Sea on the western side, Apulia seems to be the region with the highest coastal extension of mainland Italy. Its coast, therefore, is extremely variegated and its landscapes are numerous.

Try to imagine you while your enraptured eyes watch in person locations we are going to show you, driving in a virtual travel from the south to the north – divided into two parts – along the nearly 860 km of coastline (including the Isole Tremiti) of this land jutting out into the turquoise Mediterranean waters.

Remember: this article is a two part series, so look for the next one here.

1 – Beaches in Taranto province

Litoranea tarantina
Taranto coast (© www.tarantomagna.it)

Traversing the entire Apulian coast, let’s start from the southern border with Basilicata, here where the Ionian Sea offers to visitors real spectacles of nature.

We are at the Taranto Gulf coastline, compared by many people to a tropical paradise for its limpid waters and its clear and fine sand beaches, framed by amazing pine forests.

Starting from Ginosa Marina, we arrive in Taranto with its port and its seafront, then moving along a coastline that, in a succession of free beaches and beach resorts, boasts some of the most suggestive and popular tourist locations of Apulian coast: Pulsano, Campomarino, San Pietro in Bevagna.

2 – Beaches in Lecce province

santa maria di leuca tour english
Discover our Santa Maria di Leuca guided tour and our boat tour

Santa Maria di Leuca is situated at the southernmost point of Italy’s heel, where the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea meet in an embrace of turquoise shades and where steep cliffs jut out into the sea.

Denominated De Finibus Terrae in antiquity, since it was considered the tip of the Earth, in all its bright splendor the city showed itself to the Greek ships that admired it from a distance. That explains the origin of the name Leukos: in this way the Greeks celebrated the white and bright city that reflects the light of the sea and the land on which it stands beautiful and enchanted.

Santa Maria di Leuca is one of the many pearls that adorn the Salento coast with other locations such as Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli, Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme, Torre dell’Orso, San Foca: in this part of Apulian coast washed by Caribbean waters, infrastructured sandy tracts and uncontaminated rocky shorelines make an alternating dance.

3 – Beaches in Brindisi province

Torre Guaceto
Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve (© www.anticaaia.it)

The Adriatic Sea flows through the Brindisi coast that is studded with sandy coves and cliffs. Along the golden coast of Brindisi stand out Ostuni, with its natural dunes surrounded by the green and its clear sea, and Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve, a protected marine area that includes a stretch of coast six kilometers long where it’s possible to see, around a sixteenth-century tower, woods, beaches, sand dunes, marshes and small streams.

Light heart, sunglasses and fresh clothes: this is what you need to pack with you.

And remember… the journey along the Apulia coasts is just beginning!

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