Faraglioni Bay, a suggestive holiday overlooking the sea on the Gargano Promontory

Baia dei Faraglioni, Baia delle Zagare - Gargano, Puglia

What does it feel to live a life overlooking the sea? You should ask the Mattinata’s inhabitants or experience by spending your holiday in one of the most picturesque corners of sea and land that Apulia can offer, between crystalline waters and blinding cliffs overlooking the sea framed by the wild Mediterranean maquis.

Defined “one of the must-see places at least once in lifetime” by The New York Times and “one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world” by National Geographic, it’s hard to resist the brazen beauty of the place we are going to introduce.

You are curious, are you? Here you are Faraglioni Bay, one of the most suggestive bays of the Gargano located about 16 km from Mattinata in the direction of Vieste.

The majestic faraglioni

Also known as Zagare Bay (“zagare” is the name of the scented flowers of the orange groves cultivated in this area) or Mergoli Bay (for the presence of blackbirds and solitary sparrows on the cliffs), Faraglioni Bay is embellished by majestic sea stacks called “faraglioni” (that explains the name origin) that emerge from the turquoise sea a few kilometers from the shore. One of the two faraglioni in particular, defined “Arch of Diomedes”, enchants for its almost perfect arc shape: eroded and shaped by waves, it seems that this faraglione was carved by a sculptor’s loving hands.

It’s possible to visit the faraglioni by the sea through daily boat excursions along this rugged coastline stretch, also full of amazing sea caves.

Gargano, Faraglioni Bay
Faraglioni Bay (© Marco Rastelli – www.fotografiapuntodincontro.com)

The beaches access

The access to the white pebbly beaches is limited: the beaches of the bay can be reached through a staircase or panoramic lifts carved into the rock (they belong to the hotels that manage the visitors flow, for a maximum of 30 users per day with a special municipal permit), or via a dirt path that leads directly on the bay.

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Faraglioni Bay waits for you!

Do you have eyes and heart big enough to hold all this beauty? An advice: press play.

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