Trani guided tour

The pearl of the Adriatic will captivate you

The pearl of the Adriatic will captivate you


There is not one reason why Trani is called "the pearl of the Adriatic"…there are at least four! Have you ever seen a cathedral on the sea? Did you know that the historic centre has an ancient medieval Jewish quarter?

And then, there’s the beauty of the marina: the small local fishing, the daily fish market, the restaurants that you will discover just by following the scents. Finally, you will find traces of the great Frederick II by visiting his Castle in Trani.


POPULARITY: 8/10 yes
THIS TOUR IS FOR people who love culture and art and who want to discover the most important and representative monuments of Puglia while enjoying a leisurely walk. Trani is part of the “citta’ slow” network and has been named a city that favours a slower paced life.
YOU WILL BE THRILLED when you admire the majesty of the Cathedral, which will really leave you breathless; it is so white and elegant, in contrast to the blue sea behind it. You will be captivated by the mewing of the seagulls who follow the fishermen's boats. You will take in the beauty of the elegant streets in the historic town centre and by the views that open up to you behind every corner. You will enjoy unforgettable moments sipping a coffee or Moscato (Muscat) di Trani, sitting outside a bar that faces the harbour and the sea ...
TIME: 1 hour and a half (90 minutes)
WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR BACKPACK: Be sure to pack a great desire to relax and explore, a cell phone or a camera to capture glimpses of the panoramas and monuments you will witness. Wear comfortable shoes with treads if possible, because you will be walking on limestone pavement and it can sometimes become slippery when it rains.
WE PROMISE YOU that you will get to know this city much better through a fullly authentic hands-on experience. You will be pleasantly surprised by the things you will discover and it will be love at first…. visit.
PRICE: € 30 per person. Free for people 18 and under. Includes a tour guide.
For groups with more than 15 people, contact us on  Whatsapp or fill the form
HIGHLIGHTS: You will meet with the tour guide in Piazza Manfredi and visit the Swabian Castle (exterior), interior and exterior tour of the  Romanesque Cathedral and then continue towards the medieval Jewish quarter, Giudecca, where there are still two synagogues. Finally, we visit the scenic tourist port and Villa Comunale. 


How to visit Trani

The guided tour of Trani takes place in total safety following all the guidelines provided by the ministry of Health. The groups will be small and all participants, including the guides will wear a mask. The appointment with the guide is in front of the Swabian Castle in Piazza Manfredi, where you will have no problem finding a paid parking space with a designated time slot. The shared group visit to Trani is guaranteed from a minimum of two people to a maximum of 15, so you can share the experience and maybe even make some new friends.

How long does it take to visit Trani?

The duration of the guided tour of Trani is 1 hour and a half, but we don’t always adhere to strict timelines. Oftentimes, the group may linger more in certains places in the tour. Simply put, we are not so inflexible about the duration time of the tour...
You will visit the outside of the Castle, the Cathedral both inside and out, the Jewish quarter, and the marina.
Then you will take a walk to the Municipal Villa, which also overlooks the sea, to admire the Cathedral and the city from another vantage point, from the remains of an ancient fort.

Trani guided tour: online booking of visits

To book your visit with a tour guide in Trani, you simply need to use the online booking system by choosing the date and time you prefer.
There is a shift in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the summer, when it is very hot, we recommend a visit at 6 p.m. so that you can take advantage and experience the beautiful sunset.
There are no additional costs on the tour.
You can decide after the tour whether you want to visit inside the Castle by purchasing a ticket locally.

Trani guided tour: what to see in the surroundings

When you’re in Trani, you cannot miss a visit to Castel del Monte which is located about 25km away. There you will admire the Octagonal Castle of Frederick II. If, on the other hand, you love the sea, we suggest a visit to Barletta, which is just 8 km away.  There is also a boat ride in the Port of Bisceglie 8 km further south. It is truly an experience you will never forget.
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