Boat excursions from Santa Maria di Leuca

Join us on a visit to the coastal caves and swim in wonderful, cooling, crystal-clear seawaters.

Join us on a visit to the coastal caves and swim in wonderful, cooling, crystal-clear seawaters.

Ready to discover the wonders of the Salento coast? Set sail with us on this fabulous boat tour starting from the port of Santa Maria di Leuca; be amazed by the unspoiled, wild beauty of the coast of the heel of Italy. Don’t miss an unforgettable swim offshore, perhaps at sunset. You will not be able to resist the beauty of this sea.



⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR dynamic people who love the sea, swimming in crystal clear waters and a rocky, natural coastline full of coves. This tour is for those who love to feel free and in harmony with the natural world.

⇒ YOU WILL BE EXCITED as you relish this fun boat excursion in Salento in the company of your friends or family, diving into the transparent waters and admiring a landscape rich in natural beauty. It will be wonderful to lie in the sun, lulled by the gentle rise and fall of the waves, relaxing to the sound of the lapping of the waters and the scent of the sea.


⇒ TIME: 1 hour and a half

⇒ TO PUT IN YOUR BACKPACK: Bring a bottle of water, sunglasses and sunscreen; in Santa Maria di Leuca the sun is hot, but a dip will regenerate you. In the backpack, also put your mobile phone and camera, mask and fins if you wish to snorkel to explore the seabed.

⇒ PRICE: 90 min tour € 20 per person; € 15 children from 5 to 12 years old. Not suitable for younger children

 - 3 hour tour € 35 per person (August), € 30 per person every month; € 20 for children aged 5 to 12.

 - For private tours or 3-hour tours, please fill out the form or contact us on Whatsapp

⇒ HOURS: 9 - 10 - 14 - 17.00 all year round

⇒ TOUR IN BRIEF Our boat trip from Santa Maria di Leuca starts from the port. You will sail along the coast of Ponente or Levante, depending on the winds, while the 3-hour tour includes both coasts. During the boat tour you will admire caves and natural inlets, and you can immerse yourself in the water at a refreshing swimming stop.

Boat excursion in Salento from Santa Maria di Leuca

The Leuca boat tour experience takes place in total safety following the guidelines provided by the Ministry.

This shared tour will be of small group size - from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 people.

In the port area, you can park your car in the paid parking areas.

This is an excursion full of surprises, able to give you a few hours of total relaxation in contact with the splendid nature of the place.

We recommend that you choose the day and time of your excursion to Santa Maria di Leuca well because on some days the natural wonder of the show becomes priceless. For example, at sunset the light and the atmosphere will make you feel in seventh heaven.

If you are a lover of the sea and you like snorkeling, bring a mask and fins with you to enjoy your swim offshore or near the caves. Here the seabed is rich, colourful and alive.

Boat excursion in Salento: online booking of visits

To book our boat excursion in Salento to Santa Maria di Leuca you simply need to use the online booking system, choosing the date and time you prefer.

There are various time slots in the morning and in the afternoon, right up to sunset, starting from April and continuing to October. There are no additional costs on the tour.

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