Polignano a Mare boat trip: Take yourself off the beaten track, relax and visit evocative caves and inlets

Give yourself a break of pure relaxation, admiring some of the most beautiful views of Puglia from the sea.

Give yourself a break of pure relaxation, admiring some of the most beautiful views of Puglia from the sea.

Discover Polignano a Mare and take a break of pure relaxation admiring some of the most beautiful views of Puglia, all while sitting back, relaxing, aboard a comfortable boat.



⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR dynamic people who love the sea and boat trips. It is ideal for those who want to relax and look at enchanting Puglia from a different and unusual perspective.

⇒ YOU WILL BE EXCITED to find yourself at the foot of large jagged cliffs that tower 24 meters above you; listening to the echoes of the sea in the caves and, when possible, swimming in beautiful, suggestive coves. It will be an joyful experience that you will relate to friends with pleasure.


⇒ TIME: 90 minutes

⇒ HOURS: 9:30 - 11:00 - 11:30 - 14:00 - 15:30 - 17:00

   (July and August only) 18:30

 ⇒ TO PUT IN THE BACKPACK: A great desire to relax and explore; a mobile phone or a camera to immortalise views, caves, and inlets, and take a selfie in one of the wonderful caves; practical shoes and, if preferred, swimwear, because you have to feel comfortable on a boat.

⇒ WE PROMISE YOU it will be a great experience; a full, authentic and engaging boat trip, able to satisfy you and give you unique memories. We know you will be pleasantly surprised by the things you discover. It will be love at first…. visit.

⇒ PRICE: € 30 per person and boat shared with a maximum of 10 people.

For ages 5 years and upwards € 30;

Ages 3 to 4 years € 24;

Free for children less than 2 years of age.  

Price includes professional skipper and aperitif on board (for adults).


Private hire of the boat is € 250, includings professional skipper and aperitif on board


⇒ TOUR IN BRIEF: Polignano a Mare Boat Tour begins when you meet the skipper at the small port of San Vito, Polignano a Mare. From here, our tour will take you to discover the wonderful coastal stretch that includes the Grotta delle Rondinelle(swallows), Grotta Azzurra, Grotta Ardito (lively, daring or courageous), and the Grotta Palazzese, which are just some of the most beautiful natural attractions that characterise this territory, and which are only accessible by sea.

Polignano a mare boat excursion: how it takes place

The Polignano a Mare Experience by Boat takes place in total safety following the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. Group size will be small; each boat can accommodate a maximum of 10 people and the skipper and the participants will wear masks.

Meeting point with the skipper is at the small port of San Vito, in the Polignano a Mare area, where you will have no problem finding a paid parking space with a time slot. The experience is shared so you can also make new friends.


Boat trip to Polignano a Mare: how long does it take?

The duration of the Polignano a Mare boat tour is 1 hour and a half. The tour gives you the delight of admiring the city from another perspective, from the sea. You will visit the port of San Vito, the Cave of the Rondinelle (swallows), the Blue Cave, the Ardito Cave and the Palazzese Cave. Then, we will stop for a dip in one of the wonderful coves and afterwards enjoy an excellent local prosecco.


Boat trip to Polignano a Mare: online excursion booking

To book your boat experience in Polignano a Mare you simply need to use the online booking system, choosing your preferred date and time.

There are various time slots in the morning and in the afternoon, starting from April until October. There are no additional costs on the tour.


Polignano a Mare boat tour: what to see in the surroundings

If you are in Polignano a Mare, why not admire it better by walking through the maze of alleys that characterise it, guided to easily find all the best lookout spots, on our guided tour of Polignano?

The novelty of summer 2021, on the other hand, is the Polignano a Mare tour by scooter.

If you don't want to miss other Apulian places that are easily reachable, then we suggest a guided visit to Monopoli, at just 8 Km away, and afterwards why not spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sun on the beach?

Otherwise, at 35 km further north, is the charming city of Bari, with its lovely, historic centre, which is best visited with a guided tour, so that you can relax amongst the many alleyways of the old town, and you can just let us guide you towards the delicious smell of the focaccia coming from the ancient ovens in old Bari.


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