The cheesemaker and the burrata cheese of Andria

Live an authentic experience working in team

A master cheesemaker will explain the processing techniques of the "Burrata" cheese of Andria while producing one under your eyes. It will be impossible to resist his goodness!


A delicate shell of spun dough wraps a delicate heart of cream and ragged mozzarella ... the Burrata of Andria is one of the most famous Apulian delicacies in the world. A master cheesemaker will explain production techniques and processing of these dairy products. He will produce the burrata and mozzarella under your eyes and then immerse yourself in the tasting.

  • reception in the structure and meeting with the cheese maker 
  • demonstration lesson on the burrata product 
  • tasting


  • Length: 2h
  • Available languages:English, Italian
  • Place: Imperial Apulia