Archeo tour in Canosa and Canne della Battaglia & Oil museum

Proposal of 1 day tours for groups

One day Archeo- tour discovering the history of the Puglia, visiting two ancient sites as Canosa e Canne della Battaglia and the Olive oil Museum, know the e.v.o. tradition.


The archeo-tour begins with a guided tour in Canosa, a Roman town. Canosa is a real open-air museum, with the presence of many archaeological excavations of great value that tell of ancient civilizations such as the Dauna and Roman and the subsequent Norman-Swabian medieval domination.The itinerary allows you to discover some important places such as a Hypogeum of the IV-V century, the Archeological Museum Palazzo Sinesi and the Romanesque Cathedral with the Mausoleum of Boemondo d'Altavilla.

The tour continues with the visit of "Canne della Battaglia", dating back to medieval times, preserves traces of the ancient city and remains of the castle. Inside the site is set up a museum that preserves ceramics, pottery, grave goods from various periods starting from the Daunia period to the Middle Ages.
The day ends with a visit to the Oil Museum in an ancient Masseria, where, among ancient instruments and photos, you will discover how the oil was produced in the past.


Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Length: 6 h