Castel del Monte guided tour

Discover Frederick II's fortress esconced in beauty, mystery and symbolism

Discover Frederick II's fortress esconced in beauty, mystery and symbolism

A guided tour of the only octagonal castle, declared a UNESCO site, the most visited national monument in Southern Italy built by the Emperor by Frederick II. Discover with us all the secrets and mysteries of Puglia, a region known throughout the world.


POPULARITY: 10/10 yes
THIS TOUR IS FOR art and culture lovers who want to discover the most important and emblematic monuments of Puglia while learning the fascinating stories behind the secrets and intrigue.
YOU WILL BE THRILLED: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere with a medieval flavour inside an octagonal castle made of typical Apulian limestone. Outside you will discover the breathtaking landscape of the Murgia: a stunning panorama you will want to take in with and without your camera
TIME: 1 hour and a half (90 minutes)
WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR BACKPACK: Take a cell phone or a camera with you along with a bottle of water: you won't be able to resist the urge to take a selfie in front of this unique castle. Just let yourself take in all the beauty and well-being of the surrounding area.
WE PROMISE YOU that you will get to know our land much better through a fully authentic hands-on experience. You will be pleasantly surprised by the things you discover and it will be love at first… visit.
PRICE: € 25 per person, €20 per person (buying min 4 people). Free for people under 18. 
For groups of more than 10 people, private tours, discounts and special rates, contact us by e-mail or write us on Whatsapp.

Why did Frederick II have Castel del Monte built?

The reasons are many and you will discover them during the tour. Among them, certainly was to possess power by having territorial control and the associated value of the empire. One of the theories is that the shape of the castle represents the octagonal crown worn by Frederick II. You will be fascinated by the quantity of mathematical, astronomical and geometric references that this monument offers: we will get lost among the numbers ...


How to visit Castel del Monte?

The visit is conducted in complete safety, thanks to the following of all anti-Covid regulations and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. The tour is shared with other people but the number will be limited to a maximum of 15 people. Both the guide and all visitors will be wearing masks.

How do you get to Castel Del Monte?

From the A14 highway (Bologna-Taranto) and the A16 highway (Bari-Naples), exit Andria-Barletta and then take the SS 170 for about 18 km.
By train, you go down to Andria and then take the bus to Castel del Monte (service is active from April 1st to November 1st).
When you approach the Castle, it is mandatory to park the car in the parking lot (parking fees apply) which is about 2 km away. You can either walk to the Castle or take advantage of the shuttle service.
Your guide will be there waiting for you to start the 1.5 hour tour.

How long does it take to visit Castel del Monte?

The visit is divided into two parts. The external part, to better describe the shape of the monument and the surrounding landscape and the internal part. Here you can wander between the two floors, the 16 rooms, the octagonal courtyard, the octagonal towers and the spiral staircase.

Castel Del Monte guided tour: online booking of visits

Admission to the Castle is currently offered to a limited number of people. You will need to book your ticket according to the time slots available.
To book our guided tour, you can use the online booking system and choose to also purchase the entrance to the castle directly with us.
We will take care of everything else including the available entrance time, facilitating your experience. You can contact us on Whatsapp for more information.
Castel Del Monte opening hours are from 9 to 18. Open all year, except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Castel Del Monte guided tour: what to see in the surroundings

Once the visit to Castel del Monte is over, you cannot say no to an easy hike on the Murgia, around the Castle. You will discover surprising sights like the flora and fauna typically seen in this part of Puglia and you can relax in total safety in the open air amidst nature.
If you love art, you can also visit Andria just 13 km away, where you can continue following the history of Frederick II, in particular the burials of his two wives inside the Cathedral.
At just 25 km from here, do not miss the guided tour of Trani, the pearl of the Adriatic, a destination that beckons a visit. If you prefer to stay a few days more in the Castel del Monte area, we suggest you our food & wine tour.

Visiting Castel del Monte will open the door to a wonderful region that has an infinite wealth of history and untapped beauty.

If you so desire, we will accompany you.


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