Sunday at the Museum

Free entry at the main monuments of Puglia and guided tours

Discover the main monuments of Puglia in the "Sunday at the Museum" days, during which you can visit the sites listed below for free. Don't hesitate to contact us to book a guided tour with one of our experienced tour guides
  • Swabian Castle of Bari
The important fortress located near the ancient village, called "Bari vecchia", was rebuilt by the Emperor Frederick II in 1233, on the ruins of a castle dating back to the Greco-Roman era
  • Swabian Castle of Trani
Also built in 1233 by Frederick II of Swabia, the castle of Trani preserves curious stories and dynastic events such as the hanging of Pietro Tiepoli, the son of a Venetian Doge and the second marriage of the son of the Imperator, Manfredi, with Elena d 'Epiro
  • Swabian Castle of Barletta
The imposing castle stands in the Norman era, followed by fortification and expansion in the Swabian period, in the Angevin period and finally in the Aragonese one. It contains precious artistic elements such as the bust of Frederick II
  • Castel del Monte - Andria
Among the Frederick castles, the Castel del Monte is undoubtedly the most fascinating and well-known, thanks to its unique octagonal shape and its strategic position that allows the visitor a 360-degree view of the surrounding area
  • Norman-Swabian Castle of Gioia del Colle
The core of the castle dates back to the Byzantine period, from the 9th century and was later taken over by the Norman family of the Altavilla who extended it.
  • Palazzo Sinesi - Canosa di Puglia
It is a fascinating private building, built in the 19th century, now the headquarters of the Canosian Archaeological Foundation. Inside it is possible to admire artifacts that start from the establishment of Canosa as Municipium, therefore from the 1st century. B.C.
  • Altamura Archaeological Museum
It contains finds of inestimable historical value that testify to the presence of man in the area of Altamura from the Hellenistic age
  • MArTA Archaeological Museum of Taranto

It exhibits one of the largest and most important collections of finds from the Magna Greece, including the precious golds of Taranto