Matera Tour: Taste and Handicraft

between history of ancient cities and typical producersÂ’ specialties

between history of ancient cities and typical producers’ specialties

Visit the Sassi of Matera with a local guide who will lead you to discover the historical and cultural places of the city and accompany you on an adventure for your palate.

⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR those who have within themselves the desire to discover, know and learn. It is perfect for lovers of ancient cities, history and good food. This tour is designed for those who want to give priority to taste and to try something unique in Matera. It will be a journey into the universe of gastronomic and culinary productions. Starting with the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) bread of Matera.
⇒ YOU WILL LOVE walking through the famous alleys of Matera excavated among the Sassi, where houses are hidden.
Throughout our many stops, you will taste many specialties following a food and wine itinerary dedicated to local tastes and flavors.
⇒ WE PROMISE that the experience will have a slow pace in order to give you a chance to savour everything calmly. Moreover, when one tastes new flavours it should be done with care and attention in order to appreciate and remember them better. This will be a private tour in the company of a guide who will let you discover every corner of these wonderful cities.
⇒ DURATION: 8 hours
⇒ TOUR IN BRIEF: meeting with your guide in Matera, at 10.30 am. The guided tour lasts about 2 hours and a half and is punctuated with food tastings; you will try the bread of Matera, local meats and cheeses and confectionery specialties.
⇒ PRICE: € 75 per person (2 pax minimum). Includes guided tour to Matera and tastings.
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MATERA GASTRONOMIC TOUR : Things to see in Matera

Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world and dates back to the Paleolithic era. In 1993, it became a UNESCO site. It has a unique charm thanks to the presence of numerous churches and cave-houses dug into the rock, which were inhabited until the 50s'.
In the 60’s, it began its slow decay. At this time, the "Sassi" (that is the ancient districts) were abandoned for sanitary reasons. The former “shame of Italy" is awarded in 2019 the title of European Capital of Culture, embracing an important moment of cultural and social rebirth.
Today this area has had its well-deserved social and cultural redemption. 
The gastronomic tour of Matera will last about 2 and a half hours.



GASTRONOMIC TOUR BETWEEN MATERA AND ALTAMURA: the PDO bread of Altamura and the bread of Matera

Matera and Altamura compete for the primacy of the best bread: in fact, they have many similarities. Both used durum, a wheat semolina flour that has a crispy crust with a compact crumb inside. 
Surely the bread of Matera has a crust more crisp and less thick, with a more honeycombed crumb. The bread of Altamura, which has obtained the recognition of PDO, has a more compact crumb and a crust less thick.
Their size is quite large with particular shapes and in the past these breads were branded with family stamps, because they were kneaded at home but cooked in common ovens, so it was necessary that they had a brand of the family.
Since we do not want to be partial, let’s leave your personal’s taste elect the winner: surely you won’t be disappointed by either of them!


The gastronomic tour is private, so there will be a guide to accompany you and your travel companions during the day. If you have a car at your disposal, you will be provided with the detailed program and the necessary contact information.
If you need a transfer service from the hotel you are staying at, we will provide you a car/ minivan with driver that will accompany you during your travels.
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