3-day food & wine package holiday in trulli area, Puglia

Only in the Apulia Italian region will you be able to sleep in the trulli of alberobello. Have you heard of Polignano caves?

Only in the Apulia Italian region will you be able to sleep in the trulli of alberobello. Have you heard of Polignano caves?


On this mini tour you can visit the enchanted city of Alberobello, the seaside village of Monopoli and take a boat ride to Polignano a mare. Start planning your next Puglia vacation!

Are you thinking of visiting the Apulia region in Italy? 
Wonderful, you are in the right place. 
Turistinpuglia.it is a tour operator created in Puglia by two Apulians women. Tailor made travel is our passion and never ending love. Our first-hand knowledge of the region enables us to carefully craft itineraries and Puglia package holidays.
We can imagine, design and realize any kind of travel and ultimately we strive to create the best Puglia travel experience.
Book our services or holiday packages, choosing among the best private local English speaking tour guides, who will lead you through the discovery of the most beautiful cities and villages.  
Contact us now and tell us how you imagine visiting our marvellous Puglia region in Italy.
THIS TOUR IS FOR: those who want to give themselves a new, a different, an off-the-beaten path experience. Sleeping in a trullo is all this and much more. At the same time you will discover a part of the Itria Valley hinterland with its characteristic countryside and at the same time enjoy the beautiful sea between Polignano and Monopoli. 
YOU WILL ENJOY: sleeping in a trullo and waking up in the magnificent land of Apulia in Italy. Surrounded by fields of olive trees, you will appreciate the beautiful weather, the sunrise, the light and the bright and vivid shades of blues and greens. With the help of our highly-knowledgeable English speaking tour guides you will discover many aspects of our culture and history. Thanks to our Puglia package tour, you will find your way to the heart of the Apulia Italian region.
DURATION: 3 days
TO PUT IN YOUR SUITCASE: Essential and season-appropriate clothing and attire. Don't forget your swimsuit and sunscreen, which you should always keep on hand during your Puglia trip. We'll take care of the rest! Just visit Puglia Italy with us.
YOUR PUGLIA VACATION IN BRIEF:  2 overnight stays in the famous Trulli ; an unforgettable experience. A guide will lead you on tours of the most characteristic cities of our territory ; Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ostuni.
Finally you’ll embark on a boat ride to the wonderful caves of Polignano a mare, a journey on its beautiful blue sea.

3-day food & wine package holiday in trulli area, Puglia: HOW MUCH DOES THE PUGLIA PACKAGE TOUR COST?



In this option, guided tours and transfers are shared with other participants. The tour is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 participants.
€ 700 per person in a double room
€ 750 per person in a single room
In this option the guided tours and transfers are private and exclusive for you and whoever you decide to bring. The tour is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people. Discounts for small groups
€ 2100 per person in a double room
€ 2400 per person in a single room
Discounted rates for groups by sending a request to our e-mail or by writing to us on whatsapp


  • 2 nights in 3/4 star trullo hotel
  • Qualified tour guides
  • Tour of winery and oil mill
  • Lunch in Cisternino
  • Transfers by minivan with driver
  • Boat tour in Polignano a mare
- lunches or dinners not mentioned

You can book online by selecting the date on the cart and paying a deposit of 250€ when you book the tour. The remaining amount will have to be paid 15 days before departure. For this type of booking contact us by sending an e-mail or on Whatsapp.
To pay the deposit contact us at info@turistinpuglia.it
The tour can be cancelled free of charge 15 days prior to your departure date. After this time, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

3-day trulli and sea package holiday in characteristic Apulia in Italy: COMPLETE PUGLIA PACKAGE HOLIDAYS PROGRAM

Day 1 Alberobello (overnight in trulli at Alberobello) and Food tour
Independent arrival at Alberobello and check in. Food tour at sunset to discover the ancient districts of Aia Piccola and Rione Monti. Along the way, you will enjoy gastronomic stops where you’ll taste typical products of the area - from extra virgin olive oil to taralli. The tastings will take place inside typical trulli. For info, depending on the arrival time, it can be possible to postpone the food tour the following day. Evening off.
Day 2 Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ostuni
After breakfast departure for Locorotondo, the city of the "Cummerse". The visit will begin with the Palazzo Morelli and the Clock Tower (external), we will continue to discover different churches that testify to the local devotion and folklore, all of equal charm, such as the 17th century church of San Nicola di Myra (inside ), the Mother Church of San Giorgio in Baroque style (inside) and the Church of the Madonna della Greca with a Romanesque structure (inside). There will be a walk along the belvedere to admire the silent land that thins out and merges to the sea.
Winery tour with wine tasting.
Transfer to Cisternino to taste the typical "bombette" in a "very local" place, meat rolls, caciocavallo, bacon, oil and pepper and a platter of cheeses and cured meats including the famous Martina Franca capocollo.
Following visit of Ostuni, the white city and tasting of extra virgin olive oil. Return to Alberobello
Day 3 Boat trip around Polignano a mare
After breakfast, check out and transfer to Polignano a mare where you will enjoy an excursion by boat to discover the coast of Polignano a mare, the birthplace of Domenico Modugno. The excursion lasts 90 min. Departure times will be specified then. 
Before leaving the city, we recommend that you take a walk in the historic center of Polignano perched above the sea from where you can admire the famous Lama Monachile and its small beach.

Why were the Trulli made?

The trullo was born as a humble and safe haven for farmers, who did not own a house. It was made with stones left behind after the soil had been tilled.
The farmers, skilled craftsmen, were able in a short amount of time to build a roof for their family, using a particular construction technique. By looking at it closely, you will understand the extent of their dexterity and ingeniosity.  
The pinnacles that are placed on the tops of the trulli, are made of lime and built without the use of any mechanical aid or device. They are said to have different origins and symbolisms (ornamental, magical, pagan, Christian, primitive). They each carry on a particular purpose - they are made to protect the family, to fight the evil eye or to serve as an offering to some deities for a prosperous harvest.
If you want to extend your travel to Puglia Italy, we recommend one of our tours in Salento, or north of Bari, in the area of Castel del Monte and Trani. Whatever your next destination may be, we will always strive to be your best Puglia travel guide!

Visit Puglia Italy: things to know before traveling


Is Apulia and Puglia the same?

These two terms refer to the same region in the South of Italy, Puglia. 
Apulia is the former latin name given to the region, still used by English speakers. Nowadays, Italians use the term Puglia to refer to this Southern region.

Where is Apulia situated?

Apulia is located in the South East of Italy, on the Adriatic sea, in the heel of the boot. Its capital is Bari. Puglia has an area of 19 223 sq km (7422 sq miles) and it is subdivided in 6 administrative districts ; the metropolitan area of the city of Bari (capital city), the provinces of Foggia, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce.

What is Apulia known for?

Throughout the region of Apulia in Italy, there are so many beautiful sites and picturesque locations to choose from, so the must-see list can be quite long. Nevertheless, here is a non-exhaustive overview of what Puglia is known for and what your next visit in Puglia Italy holidays could entail; its mesmerizing architecture (the trulli of Alberobello, Castel del Monte, the myriads of historic centres), its delicious gastronomy (orecchiette, burrata, primitivo wine…), its beautiful landscapes (the Salento coast with its crystal clear water, lush hills filled with centuries-old olive trees, untouched and preserved forests).

Is Apulia safe for tourists? Is it worth going to Puglia?

Puglia is definitely a safe destination. However, we wish to give you some common sense suggestions that can be valid for any destination. If you visit a city, park your car near the historic center. 
Also look out for parking spaces with blue stripes, these spots have a parking fee. In order to avoid fines, make sure you pay the parking meter.
At night, it is preferable to leave your car in a monitored-parking. Usually, the personnel of your accommodation or hotel will advise you where to park.
If you go to unsupervised beaches, make sure not to leave any personal belongings in sight. 

Is Puglia a good family holiday destination?

Yes, Puglia is a destination for families. There are many activities to do with children, from boat tours to city tours, bike tours, apecar or rickshaw tours. Your whole family will enjoy visiting the zoo of Fasano, but also farms with animals and taking part in cooking lessons.
In addition, Puglia has beautiful beaches and also nature and wildlife reserves where you can do trekking and bird watching.

What is the best time to visit Puglia?

The best time to visit Puglia is undoubtedly spring and autumn, when temperatures are mild and there are fewer people. In the summertime, the months of June and September are preferable, because July and August are the most crowded since Italians themselves are on vacation.
If you have no choice and you can only travel in the months of July and August, here are some suggestions: if you want to stay on the beach, we recommend that you go early (maybe at dawn, why not?), as after 11 am the beaches start to be very busy. In the hottest hours of the day from 1pm to 4pm, a good idea would be to visit a monument, a park, a winery, an oil mill or a farm. In the early afternoon, a nap is also a good idea, that is what the Apulians do!
In the warmer months, the best time to visit a city is at sunset. Another option would be to go to the beach and maybe have an aperitivo while the sun goes down.
In reality, Puglia can be visited all year round.
Winter is mild and sunny. The Christmas period is cheerful and festive - living nativity scenes, Christmas markets, and artist lights that brighten historical centres.

How is the weather in Puglia? 

Puglia enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The rains are scarce and are concentrated mostly in Autumn and Winter, hence the name of A-pluvia (without rain).
The coldest months are January and February but temperatures rarely drop below 32°F (0°C).
Occasionally, it snows in the hilly and mountainous areas (Gargano area and north of Bari). With the onset of spring, temperatures get warmer, even reaching 77 °F (25 °C) at times. June, July and August are the hottest months.
On some days, peaks of 104°F (40°C) are reached. September and October are very pleasant months, with temperatures ranging between 64°F (18°C) and 81°F (27°C). Autumn is one of those seasons when, at certain times you can go to the beach, and at others you need a jacket for the evenings are cooler. During the Christmas period it is colder but still pretty mild.

How many days do you need in Puglia?

To visit Puglia in Italy, we recommend at least two weeks of vacation, as it is one of the longest regions in Italy with 800 km of coastline. Puglia has landscapes and places that are also very different from one another. A local historian defined it as a small continent, where you can find mountains, hills, villages, cities of art, sea, lakes, nature reserves, caves, castles and cathedrals.
In case you can not afford to spend two weeks, a 6 or 7 day duration is still a decent amount of time that will allow you to visit the main must-see locations. Puglia is a destination that can be easily combined with other Italian regions. On a tighter schedule, you can opt for mini tours which will narrow down specific areas of Puglia, such as Unesco sites.

How far is Puglia from Rome?

Puglia is located 358 km from Rome. From there, you can reach the capital of Puglia, Bari by train, bus, plane, or by car. By train, there is a high speed line connecting Rome to Bari and other Apulian cities. Taking a Frecce from Rome to Bari, the journey will take you about 4 hours. 
By bus, it is the cheapest option but also the longest, approximately 6/7 hours of travel. 
By plane, you can take a direct flight that usually lasts an hour.
If you have a car, it will take you approximately 5 hours, depending on traffic. 


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