Alberobello private guided tour

Browsing through the trulli to really get to know this unique place

Browsing through the trulli to really get to know this unique place

Give yourself an experience to tell. Stroll through the small neighborhood made up of quirky and original stone houses with a cone-shaped roof.

⇒ POPULARITY: 10/10 yes
⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR those who have always heard of Alberobello and now want to check with their own eyes if everything they say is true!
Also suitable for those who appreciate local agricultural production: at the end of the tour a small tasting of typical products will be offered. This tour is for those who want to walk without getting tired and discover a fascinating place.
⇒ YOU WILL BE THRILLED YOURSELF when you realize you are in a unique, special and known place all over the world. You will be fascinated by the guide's tales who will tell you about secrets and curiosities about the trulli. And, then, you will meet local people who have lived in these houses, today transformed into small craft shops.
⇒ TIME: 1 hour and 30 minutes
⇒ TO PUT IN THE BACKPACK: a bottle of water, because Alberobello is very hot in summer. Bring with you, a mobile phone and a camera, the desire to be outdoors and make new friends while walking through one of the most characteristic places in Puglia.
⇒ WE PROMISE YOU that you will get to know this town much better through a full, authentic and engaging experience. You will be pleasantly surprised by the things you will discover and it will be love at first…. visit.



- €120 up to 2 people

- €160 from 3 to 10 people

- €180 from 11 to 25 people

Includes a private tour guide and a tasting


From October to March 10.30 am / 3.30 pm

From April to September 10.30 am / 5 pm

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⇒ HIGHLIGHTS: We will meet in Via Indipendenza and we will head towards the scenic point where you will have the opportunity to admire two districts or neighbourhoods and take in the captivating landscape of the trulli. Starting from Aia Piccola, the most authentic area of Alberobello, we will go to Rione Monti and visit an actual trullo.
The residents will welcome their guests by opening the doors of these typical round-stone buildings. At the end of the guided tour, you will taste a typical product: a delicious rosolio (rose liqueur) or an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Why were the Trulli built?

The trullo was born as a humble and emergency dwelling for the peasants, who did not own a house, built one with the redundant stones after tilling the land. The peasants, skilled artisans, were able in a short time to build a roof for their family, using a particular construction technique that, only by looking closely, you will be able to understand. The pinnacles are placed on the cones of the trulli, made by hand and using lime, and represent specific symbols (ornamental, magical, pagan, Christian, primitive), each with a particular function: to protect the family, fight the evil eye or pray some deity in order to get a good harvest.

How to visit Alberobello?

The visit is in complete safety thanks to the application of anti-Covid rules and the guidelines provided by the ministry. The private tour of Alberobello will allow you to take advantage of an exclusive tour guide service just for you, your family or group of people you want to take with you.
Once in Alberobello you can easily park in a paid parking lot with time slot. The meeting with the guide will be in Via Indipendenza, the meeting point, to start the tour.

How long does it take to visit Alberobello?

The duration of the visit is 1 hour and a half. It takes place mainly outside, between Rione Aia Piccola (the most authentic and original area) and Rione Monti, where there is the largest agglomeration, whose trulli are now used as shops and shops.
It will be possible to visit a trullo inside a private, no longer inhabited but set up as in the past, located in Aia Piccola. Finally, the guided tour of Alberobello will end with a tasting inside a trullo shop.

Alberobello guided tour: booking visits

To book your visit, simply use the online booking system by choosing the date and time you prefer.
There is a shift in the morning and one in the afternoon. In summer, when it's very hot, we suggest a visit at 6 pm towards sunset, it will also be a sight for your eyes. There are no additional costs on the tour.

Alberobello guided tour: what to see in the surroundings

If you have arrived in Alberobello, we suggest you visit the Itria Valley further and discover Locorotondo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy just 10 min. Or move a little further south and visit Ostuni, the truly fascinating White city.
If you love the sea, just 15 minutes and you will be in the beautiful Monopoli, with its small fishing port, an old town full of sights and monuments. And of course the sea with blue waters and sandy and rocky beaches.
It takes very little and you can also visit Polignano a Mare where we suggest a fun scooter tour.


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