Guided tour of Monopoli - among narrow alleyways, churches, and beautiful marina

The medieval city with 100 districts

The medieval city with 100 districts


Discover an Apulian city off the main tourist route. Get to know the soul of the people, still tied to ancient rites and traditions.

⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR lovers of culture and art; for those who love walks in unique, historic centres and visiting authentic marinas; for those who enjoy discovering the beauty of characteristic places. Ideal for gourmets who appreciate local cuisine and the excellence of typical products.
⇒ YOU WILL FEEL EXCITED as you lose yourself amongst the maze of streets, where the only way to get to the sea is to follow the scent of salt; to finally emerge in the picturesque harbour with its blue fishing boats. You will be thrilled to see the religious folklore typical of Southern Italy, with special processions, such as the festival on August 14 and 15, dedicated to the Madonna della Madia (the Madonna who came from the sea). During your walk, you will see the many sixteenth-century rock churches.
⇒TIME: 2 hours
⇒ TO PUT IN THE BACKPACK: the desire to discover and learn about the history of the city, comfortable clothing and shoes, mobile phone or camera to immortalise the most important monuments. You will be walking limestone pavements, polished smooth by thousands of footsteps through the ages. On rare occasions it can sometimes be slippery if it rains, so comfortable shoes are required. All the rest, we take care of.
⇒  WE GUARANTEE that you will be fascinated by this city; that you will enjoy a full, authentic and engaging experience. It will be love at first…. visit.



- €120 up to 2 people

- €160 from 3 to 10 people

- €180 from 11 to 25 people


From October to March 10.30 am / 3.30 pm

From April to September 10.30 am / 5 pm

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⇒ TOUR IN BRIEF: You will meet your guide in Largo Plebiscito, near the church of S. Francesco. From here, our journey through the beauties of the small seaside town will begin, admiring the rock church of Santa Maria del Soccorso (morning only) and the baroque churches such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Madia and the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio (called del Purgatory). Then, we move to the seafront and the outside of the sixteenth-century Castle of Charles V. You will be able to admire numerous facades of ancient buildings, churches and the picturesque port as we wend our way, slowly, towards Piazza Garibaldi and then, move on to the small tasting of local products.

Why visit Monopoli historic centre?

The history of Monopoli is ancient. The first settlements date back to the Messapian era, before the arrival of the Romans. A paramount destination is the guided tour of the Baroque Cathedral of Santa Maria della Madia, where the Madonna "who came from the sea" is venerated and still so much loved by the inhabitants. There are many rock churches and crypts that we will come across along the way.
In Monopoli, you can still find the authentic soul of the inhabitants. The city has an early medieval layout with a fortified historic centre. Did you know that Monopoli is the city of a hundred districts that echo down through the ages the names of the houses that have now disappeared? Each district is characterised by the presence of fortified farms, neoclassical patrician villas, churches and trulli.

What to see in Monopoli?

 Monopoli is a city on a human scale, and its historic centre, where the main tourist attractions are to be found, is almost entirely pedestrian. You can leave your car in the indicated parking lots and take a relaxing stroll following our guide. The visit is in complete safety according to the guidelines provided by the ministry. Group size will be small and the guide will wear a mask.
The meeting place is in Largo Plebiscito.

Monopoli guided tour: how long does it take?

The guided tour of Monopoli lasts about 2 hours and takes place mainly outside, between historic palaces, magnificent squares, the Castle of Charles V and Baroque churches such as the cathedral of Santa Maria della Madia and the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio.  
We also visit the inside of many other small churches along the way. At the end of the tour, a well- deserved, refreshing tasting session awaits you. After our guided tour of Monopoli, you will be able to say that you know this little known centre, full of surprises and history, much more intimately. 

Guided tour of Monopoli: online booking of visits

To book your visit you simply need to use the online booking system, choosing the date and time you prefer, selecting either the morning or afternoon option. On hot summer days, we suggest a visit from 6pm onwards, when you can savour the atmosphere of the town in the evening, and maybe the glow of a warm sunset.
There are no additional costs on the tour.

What to see in Monopoli and the surrounding areas?

Having visited Monopoli, you certainly cannot miss other nearby places. From here, it’s a short hop northwards to other towns and cities, such as Polignano a Mare. Here, you could take advantage of our unique scooter tour, or a beautiful boat tour in Polignano, or a pleasant walk with a guide. 
Even further north, you could visit Bari, the much larger Apulian capital, where you could enlist our help exploring the maze of arabesque streets and avoid getting lost, by using our local expert guided tour. 
And how about moving further south, this time to discover Ostuni, the famous White city?
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