Guided tour of Taranto, the city of the two Seas

Private guided tour uncovering Magna Graecia vestiges and one-of-a-kind revolving bridges

Private guided tour uncovering Magna Graecia vestiges and one-of-a-kind revolving bridges

Did you know that Taras (the ancient name for Taranto) was one of the oldest poleis of Magna Graecia? Or, that it is the city of the Maritime Arsenal since 1889, inaugurated then by Umberto I of Savoy?  

Come visit Taranto with one of our local expert tour guides to discover the history and legends of this wonderful city.



THIS GUIDED TOUR OF TARANTO IS FOR those who want to get to know a city that is growing and gaining more popularity. For those who love history, ancient beauty and want to get lost in a maze of streets to be discovered. This guided tour of Taranto is designed for those who love to be surprised and discover all the wonders a city has to offer. 


YOU WILL ENJOY seeing the remains of the Doric columns up close and visit the islet of the old city. You will feel as if you were in Magna Graecia. You will walk suspended over the water on the 90 meters high swing bridge, symbol of the new Taranto. You will be amazed by all the treasures gathered in the National Archaeological Museum "Marta", one of the most important museums in Italy. 




DURATION: 2 hours


WHAT TO BRING IN YOUR BACKPACK: actually, there is not much to put in your backpack. We recommend comfortable shoes to walk around. Always keep your cell phone and camera on hand, so you can capture without fail all the surrounding beauty.


WE GUARANTEE that with our guided tour of Taranto you will get to know a city that is still off the beaten path, but which is definitely worth it. It will be a wonderful immersive experience. Above all, it will give you the opportunity to look at Taranto with a completely different lens…



Includes a private Taranto tour guide

80€ up to 2 people

100€ from 3 to 10 people

120€ from 10 to 25 people


The Marta Museum entrance ticket is not included in the price and is optional.

This walking tour is particularly suitable for pre-established groups.

To buy the ticket follow the procedure below. Choose your preferred date and time and then enter the requested info.

If you need more information, contact us on Whatsapp or by filling out the form or Messenger (here in the bottom right of the page)


PRIVATE TOUR OF TARANTO IN BRIEF: You will meet with your tour guide in front of Piazza Castello, next to the Doric columns. Starting right here you will be able to admire the ruins of the temple of Poseidon dating back to the fifth century. From there, you will easily have access to the Aragonese castle of Byzantine foundation dating back to the eleventh century. (interior-exterior).You will walk over the revolving bridge of the late '800 and leave the new part and head towards the Old Town, once the site of the ancient Greek Acropolis.

Among alleys and lanes, you will arrive at the cathedral of San. Cataldo, of Romanesque foundation but with rearrangements and changes in baroque style (interior-exterior).

Finally (at the discretion of the group, the entrance fee is not included) you will visit the "Marta", the National Archaeological Museum where you will come upon the wonderful "Ori di Taranto.” Your tour will be filled with enchanting beauties from ancient palaces to Castle and baroque churches.



Why visit the ancient town of Taranto?


Taranto can be represented as a treasure chest filled with marvels. In this case, they are mostly architectural wonders when they are not hidden from the public, underground.

The remains of walls, columns, tombs, and religious monuments recall the past time of trade and adventure, the conquest of lands by Greeks and ancient Italic peoples all around the Mediterranean basin.


What to see in the guided tour of Taranto?

Most of Taranto treasures can be found in the ancient part of the city, that is the historical center, located on the islet. To proceed with your visit, you will just have to cross the swing bridge that connects the new town to the old one. Entirely pedestrian, the area will allow you to leave your car in the paid parking lots near Piazza Castello (our meeting point) and follow our Taranto tour guide.

The visit will comply with all the safety guidelines provided by the Ministry, the tour guide as well as all participants will be wearing a mask at all times. The meeting point is in Piazza Castello, near the Doric columns.


How long is the guided tour of Taranto?

The duration of the visit is about 2 hours. It takes place among the ruins of the Magna-Grecia temple, ancient defensive structures, the city’s Romanesque-Baroque Cathedral, magnificent views of the two seas, government buildings and valuable archaeological finds.

Taranto travel guide: booking online visits

To book your visit you must contact us via whatsapp or email. On hot summer days, we offer a visit at sunset at 5 pm - an absolute feast for the eyes.

There are no additional costs.

Guided tour of Taranto: what to see in the surroundings.

If you want to discover the area surrounding Taranto, we suggest heading north towards the green and lush Itria Valley, home of white villages such as Martina Franca, Ostuni and Locorotondo. You can choose to visit all of them or just one through our online booking system. 

An unmissable stop will be the discovery of the UNESCO site of Matera, the famous city of the Sassi. We also offer a guided tour of this stunning city. You can combine it with one of our vacation packages in Puglia, and discover other cities or immerse yourself in the tour experience. You'll be spoiled for choice!


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