Private guided tour of Otranto the gateway to the East

Between mighty walls and the largest mosaic in Europe

Between mighty walls and the largest mosaic in Europe


Did you know that the city, together with the Castle, inspired the famous novel by Horace Walpole, the Castle of Otranto, and the first Gothic novel in history?   

 ⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR those who want to discover a city that speaks of the East but with its roots firmly in the heel of Italy. This tour is designed for those who want to swim in the crystal clear waters and then, in the cooler hours, wander among the craft shops or get lost among the majestic churches of the city.
⇒ YOU WILL BE THRILLED to be welcomed within the mighty walls of the ancient city, or to stand in front of the monumental mosaic of the cathedral, considered the largest in Europe, or when from the top of Torre Matta you can admire the profile of the Otranto coast, washed by the sea.
You will hear of the events of the Turkish siege with the 800 martyrs of Otranto who became saints, and whose skeletons are still preserved and visible in the cathedral. 
⇒ TIME: 1 hour and a half
⇒ TO PUT IN THE BACKPACK: the bathing suit - a dip in the hottest hours is highly recommended - as well as a hat and water to drink. Don’t forget a camera for selfies at sunset on one of the Towers.
⇒ WE PROMISE YOU it will be love at… first visit !!



- €120 up to 2 people


- €160 from 3 to 10 people


- €180 from 11 to 25 people


From October to March 10.30 am / 3.30 pm

From April to September 10.30 am / 5 pm

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 ⇒ GUIDED TOUR OF OTRANTO IN BRIEF: We meet the tour guide in front of Porta Alfonsina, the gateway to the city for those arriving from the sea.
We continue towards the cathedral, a jewel of Romanesque architecture (inside and outside).  Then, we move on towards the Aragonese Castle (external), continuing our tour towards the city walls and the panoramic views. We pass along the seafront with a short stop at the Byzantine church of S. Pietro (outside).

Why visit Otranto historic centre? The Turkish Siege of Otranto

Otranto has always been considered a bridge between East and West. For the Byzantines it became a port of reference first for trade and then for the Crusades to the Holy Land. An important event for the city and southern Italy was the Turkish siege of 1480. History tells of the killing of 800 men who had defended the city, remembered as martyrs and then canonised by Pope Francis. Parts of their remains are preserved inside the Cathedral of Otranto.


What to see in Otranto on the guided tour

 The walls of Otranto enclose a maze of narrow streets where most of the architectural evidence is concentrated.
You will admire the Cathedral with its crypt, the castle towers, historic buildings, magnificent views and whitewashed houses. There will be stops to admire the sea and to observe artisans at work in the quaint shops in the centre.
The mighty walls, the defensive castle, the various churches with ancient charm create an atmosphere that permeates this city, making it almost magical. In times when silence falls, if you too keep the silence, you can hear the gentle, enticing call of the sea!
How long does it take to visit the city of Otranto?
The visit takes place inside the fortified walls of the city, the duration being approximately 1 hour and a half. This will allow you to leave your car in the indicated parking lots and take a relaxing stroll following our Otranto tourist guide. The visit is in complete safety according to the guidelines provided by the Ministry, shared with other people but with small group sizes and all guides will wear masks. The meeting point is in front of the Porta Alfonsina.


Otranto tourist guide: booking visits online

To book your visit you will need to use the online booking system, choosing the date and time preferred, either the morning or afternoon option. On hot summer days we suggest a visit at 6 pm towards sunset, it will be wonderful to admire the sunset on one of the panoramic views. There are no additional costs on the tour.


Guided tour of Otranto: what to see in the surroundings

The bays and beaches that border Otranto from north to south certainly deserve a mention. To the north you cannot miss Baia dei Turchi, the Alimini lakes and Torre dell’Orso – all excellent stops. 
You could go straight to Lecce and discover the capital of the Lecce Baroque accompanied by one of our guides.
To the south, we recommend a stop in Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea Terme and Castro; their crystalline sea is the envy of many foreign destinations.
Staying with the theme of salt, why not take a relaxing boat ride from Santa Maria di Leuca, the furthest point south in Puglia? You will discover hidden coves and beaches and maybe swim in the crystal clear, cooling waters?
If you don't want to hear about the sea, then what about a walk with our guide, exploring the maze of beautiful streets in old town Gallipoli, between history, achievements and art?
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