Guided tour of Gallipoli, the pearl of Salento

Get to know every corner of this magnificent city, full of history and traditions

Get to know every corner of this magnificent city, full of history and traditions

Did you know that the name Gallipoli means "Beautiful City" in ancient Greek?  If this is the premise, then it’s safe to say, you can expect even more!


⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR those who wish to combine the relaxation of the sea with the cultural wealth of art and history, in a city with a thousand-year history. 
⇒ YOU WILL BE EXCITED to discover how the historic centre developed on an ancient limestone island. The Rivellino with the Castle Fortress will immediately bring to mind scenes of pirates and conquerors.
Your eyes will be entranced as you admire the interiors of the numerous churches and the friezes that tell of the mastery of the ancient stonemasons. Later, strolling along the promenade which surrounds the islet of the historic centre, you will admire views as far as the eye can see.
⇒ TIME: 1h and a half  
⇒ TO PUT IN THE BACKPACK: for this city we recommend that you bring a large backpack because it will be a must to take away all sorts of delicacies. You will certainly need a camera or cell phone to capture the beautiful, characteristically narrow streets, buildings and all kinds of views 
⇒ WE GUARANTEE that you will thoroughly enjoy with your time here and will wish to extend your stay… and who could blame you, it’s such a beautiful city!!



- €120 up to 2 people

- €160 from 3 to 10 people

- €180 from 11 to 25 people


From October to March 10.30 am / 3.30 pm

From April to September 10.30 am / 5 pm

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 ⇒ GUIDED TOUR OF GALLIPOLI IN BRIEF: Your visit starts when you meet  your tour guide in front of the Greek Fountain, symbol of the city dating back to the III century, which is located in Corso Roma. We will cross the 17th century stone bridge to find ourselves on the islet which encloses the old part of the city; the historic centre. Here we admire the Angevin-Aragonese Castle of the thirteenth century. and also the splendid Cathedral of S. Agata, with its characteristically southern baroque architecture. There will be glimpses of other wonderful churches that characterise this city, as we explore the myriad of narrow alleyways, before arriving at the encircling, panoramic coastal road from where you can admire headlands and golden sanded, enchanting beaches.

Things to see in Gallipoli historic centre

For years Gallipoli has been considered the fulcrum of Salento with its seaside tourism. At the same time it also embodies a history going back to ancient times because Gallipoli was a strategic point par excellence for connections throughout the Mediterranean.  For this reason it was a target for invaders and would-be rulers such as Romans, Greeks, Normans, Venetians of the Maritime Republic, Spaniards and French. These influences have been reflected in the life of the city; from the maze of streets that echo those of Greek towns, to the religious observation of the Greek rite up, which continued up to the 16th century.
As we are always the sum of our experience, Gallipoli is the full witness of its own history.

Things to see on the Gallipoli guided tour

Gallipoli encloses all its wealth in the ancient part of the city, the historic centre, which developed on the islet.
Just cross the stone bridge, that connects the old to the new, to start your visit. Entirely pedestrianised, you ca leave your car in the indicated parking lots and take a relaxing stroll following our Gallipoli tourist guide.
The visit adheres to the complete safety guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. Your visit is shared with other people but the group size will be small and the guides will wear a mask. The meeting place is in Corso Roma, in front of the Greca Fountain at 10.30 or 18:00, every day.

How long does it take to visit the city of Gallipoli?

The duration of your visit is about 1 hour and a half. You visit military structures, the Baroque Cathedral and other historic buildings. You take in breath-taking views and you see the local fresh-fish stalls. From Monday to Sunday there are 2 guided visits per day, at 10.30 and at 18:00.

Gallipoli guided tour: booking visits online

To book your visit, you will need to use the online booking system, choosing your preferred date and time; options being the morning or afternoon visits. On hot summer days, we suggest a visit from 6pm onwards, when you can savour the atmosphere of the town in the evening, and have the chance to catch a glorious sunset over the sea. 
Group size is:- A min. of 2, up to a max. of 15 people. There are no additional costs on the tour.

Gallipoli guided tour: what to see in the surroundings.

If you would like to find out what is in the surrounding area of Gallipoli, we offer you a guided tour of Lecce, home of the pasticciotto and the Lecce Baroque.
 If you wish to move on to see the Adriatic coast, then we suggest the wonderful Otranto and its Cathedral with the floor entirely in mosaic, a true medieval jewel.
Or if you prefer the idea of relaxing on a boat, away from the stresses of the world and with the sea breeze in your hair, we have just the optional available for you, which leaves from the deep South town of Santa Maria di Leuca.
We would remind you that this part of Puglia is very popular and places get super-booked from the very start of the season, so we advise you not to delay booking. We look forward to welcoming you on our tours of discovery in Puglia.
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